Take control of how you respond to the challenging people and situations around you

(no matter what your age)

Take Emotional Responsibility Now

The premise of MYTERN is that creating emotional intelligence, health and resilience is a skill that can be learnt by anyone at any age. Learning the MYTERN skill is simple, yet very powerful when practised daily.

What is MYTERN?

MYTERN is an extremely powerful skill that teaches you how to take control of your response to everyday stresses and challenges, improving your mental, emotional and physical health . MYTERN is suitable for ages 3 and up, can be easily introduced, and has the potential to transform you, your school, the home and the workplace, through creating a common language.

What can it do for me?

  • realise that there is no need to blame people or circumstance for how you feel
  • gain control of your emotional responses to everyday stresses and challenges
  • learn that you are not failing when you drive on the rougher roads for a short time – you are building your resilience
  • realise that lifting others off the red road (due to the minor daily stressors) is not helping them to build their resilience


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